Monday, July 14, 2008


Really very sorry for not posting anyting here
But I know u are now sing
“is too late to apologize, is too late… is too late to apologize”
I know a lot of people hired KILLERS to kill me………..
If not y I feel so SICK n so … (cant express using worrddddsssssss)
that day i saw some of the killers liao...
that is
  • carings
  • memories
  • lovings


I Miz U

i miz u all

thx for those who came to meet me when i went back Malaysia

n very sorry because i have not enough time to meet some of u...

i m very glad everyone is still remember me

i luv u all


1 comment:

yongxiang said...

u ar..
update more often la!
so that i can know wat happen over there..
miss u here..
take care~