Thursday, October 16, 2008

A special Email...

always hear that there is a life cycle in everyone's life....
( i mean in ur whole life, u will sometimes feel delight and of course depress)
i think until now, the most depress time is my secondary ( form 4 & form 5)
i always think that i don wish to think back my secondary lifetime
(of course isn't mainly related to my classmate 4a1 n 5a1)
my depress is about my sickness, my friendship and also my studies....
now i think back, i really hate myself ( that idiot stupid caining)

i try to continue on my life...
with without looking back...
without contact v my school mates....
(truthfully not because of 5a1... is jz mainly my problem)

no matter how hard i try to forget...
I will never forget a group of crazy galss...
that always sit together... chatting and studying.... concerning each of everyone....

one day, i m busying v my life here....
i saw a name that already years didnt hear about appear in my hotmail...
in the email just only
i swear that time i m a bit anxious to touch my old memories... my beloved frensss
but i think i m always wrong....

i should feel my olden daysss was that terrible...
not only sad and bad memories....
not only tearssss
n not only stupid n idiot caining...

thx mei chin aka US$
thx ai win
thx juju
thx mei ling
thx ah pei
thx siyan
thx shi pei

because u recall that my secondary life
i have happiness...
i have frensssssssss...
i have u all...

thx very very muchhhhh....

Monday, October 6, 2008

My 19th Bthday Party

This is all my BEST frensssss here... ermm except my dearest sis lal...
Jessica Emilia Eunice and Da... ermm n her boyfren Phea taking photos of us...
thx a lot for comin my bthday party
oppss!! nearly forget my lovely late fren Pavi
(thx Pavi for travel all the way there MuackksXX)

ok these are the food we ate

obviously a lot dinosaurs went, thats why left only thesssseeee...

This year is my first year out of my country , celebrating my bthday...
previous years, i used to celebrate v my family and lots of frens...
although i m very very happy too
but this time isn't the same compare to the last years...
i dono how to use words to express my feelings...
i think the BEST word is GLADFUL

i really very very very thank you u all here, celebrate my bthday...

I really very very glad that i have so many lovely frens here...
if not i really cant survive here...

besides, i wanted also want to tell Clara that
because i cant angry of my true frens
& special thx to my lovely classmate,
Bayan , Nisa, Luwen, Dong Dong, Elson, Tom, Bo, Tutu, Bruce, Nic, Reza, Xiang and many more
thx for accompany me this year
i will remember u all n miz u all

Oh ya!
i at last need to say
Mummy I LOVE U
thx for taking me to this wonderful world
n always take care of me

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Y i so bad luck these dayzzzzzzzzzzzzz???

haihzzzzzzzzzz Y i so bad luck these dayzzzzzzzzzzzzz???
i really miz my good dayzz...
i tink i forget to pack my luck here
i always need to face everything myself...
i always didnt bring my eyes along
i got sickness
i got more more new and incredible experiences (not a good thing duh)
i nearly kick my my idiot RMIT UNI
i nearly slip over and caused dead
i nearly screwed my studies
i nearly lost my beloved and cute pendrive
i nearly fall in love with my imaginations
i...... i.....
a lot n a lot

i don dare to tell others
i very don dare to tell my mom that
" i really don like Australia, i really hope i m always in Malaysia v u..."
but i know i cant
i need to grow up
i need to b a independent gal
independent Fren
independent student

i now very very very miss BUDDHA
i think he hate me and dowan me already...
or mayb he angry of me

BUddha i know i m always bad gal n do lot of bad things
i know u don like i didnt go ur temple
i will try lal
plss love me back


Monday, September 1, 2008

Feel very down today...

I m not that happy today...
i tink i really getting Fe Up lal...
is I m the one who can't live in concord with others or others problem??
nowday always quarrel v my sis...
i really don understand how we can stay in the same room, sleep on the same bed for 17 years??
how come i didn't cut off all her hair or stab a knife into her chest (amitabha)
this sound so violent but i really impress with myself that i still not imprison...
is i change or she is the one who has problem???
she always right n i always wrong
she always ask IS NOW I M BAD WOMAN LAL
i really wanted to say yes le
but sure she ll angry me n dowan to talk to me anymore...
that day say who n who wanna con money n today say that RMIT wanna con money...
wth man... RMIT wanna corn my parent money so wat???
wat can i do??? should i burn down RMIT??? or should i kill all my lectures???
real headache...
y cant she care me more on what nice food i love to eat n willing to cook for me???
that is what a good n caring sister should do....
n y everyone sure say is my wrong???
get super bad result n get in a idiot program is all my wrong lal...
i m dumb oso can't help mah...
my mom born me stupid is my wrong lal....
i m fat n ugly is i wish lal...
wth man
everyone say this world is so unfair
haihhhh she now sitting beside me n nag n nag n nag...
but at the end i still need to say
i LoVE U forever n ever
i know u very care about me
nag is for mom
no for lovely sis

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My First Road Trip with Irene SIS

Boring Cai Ning go Geelong again
but this time is very SPECIAL bcozzz.....

Special thxxx to
Irene Che Che(Victa's SIS) and her Husband
for driving me and Cai Qin

GREAT OCEAN ROAD (actually we planning to
go OceanGrave,
then mayb i m too cute so they willing to drive me there ^^)

take this pic* in car
soooo beautiful yeah!!

we actually didnt get to the top bcoz it will takes hours to reach there... Although, we didnt reached GREAT OCEAN ROAD but we still can catch BEAUTIFUL picturessssss....
although i m in the car, but i can clearly c the beautiful sea and in deed we are surrounded by flowers and water...

I love the most is this>>>>>
I saw peaceful
I Saw nature
I saw no pollution
I really hope to stay there
4EvER and Everrrr

Hey people, this is the Golden Wattle

Australia's National Flower


my favorite colour

Beautiful gals
v Beautiful sea
and Blue sky
This is wat everyone will say

This is the waterfall nearby...
now u all c is so beautiful
but we take time to walk down
(ermm of course we drove there but we walk down to c this waterfall)

this is jz like ART of this planet
dont u feel??

Monday, July 21, 2008

This Is FENG SUI problem

Wah, since when i so superstitious...
But really very CHEAAaaa!!!
I tink many things changed...
not only me, not only my behaviour, my attitude, and also my living here

i m always a cheerful gal and so "SHINING"
no sun n no shining
no red no happiness
no colourful n only winter blue
no warm and only freaking cold

no wonder ANG MOs always say they not that superstious lal
thats y the feng sui isnt that good here
haiyo y i so damn bad luck
y choose the country that have bad feng sui???

i really prefer M'sia
at least
i m so much SHINING

Monday, July 14, 2008


Really very sorry for not posting anyting here
But I know u are now sing
“is too late to apologize, is too late… is too late to apologize”
I know a lot of people hired KILLERS to kill me………..
If not y I feel so SICK n so … (cant express using worrddddsssssss)
that day i saw some of the killers liao...
that is
  • carings
  • memories
  • lovings


I Miz U

i miz u all

thx for those who came to meet me when i went back Malaysia

n very sorry because i have not enough time to meet some of u...

i m very glad everyone is still remember me

i luv u all