Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My First Road Trip with Irene SIS

Boring Cai Ning go Geelong again
but this time is very SPECIAL bcozzz.....

Special thxxx to
Irene Che Che(Victa's SIS) and her Husband
for driving me and Cai Qin

GREAT OCEAN ROAD (actually we planning to
go OceanGrave,
then mayb i m too cute so they willing to drive me there ^^)

take this pic* in car
soooo beautiful yeah!!

we actually didnt get to the top bcoz it will takes hours to reach there... Although, we didnt reached GREAT OCEAN ROAD but we still can catch BEAUTIFUL picturessssss....
although i m in the car, but i can clearly c the beautiful sea and in deed we are surrounded by flowers and water...

I love the most is this>>>>>
I saw peaceful
I Saw nature
I saw no pollution
I really hope to stay there
4EvER and Everrrr

Hey people, this is the Golden Wattle

Australia's National Flower


my favorite colour

Beautiful gals
v Beautiful sea
and Blue sky
This is wat everyone will say

This is the waterfall nearby...
now u all c is so beautiful
but we take time to walk down
(ermm of course we drove there but we walk down to c this waterfall)

this is jz like ART of this planet
dont u feel??

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