Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My First Time In COURT

Wah if someone gossip that NiNG went to COurTT, sure my mom say i murder someone or did some crime... HaHaha don't think NiNG go court is because KENA TANGKAP... NiNG is the best citizen in m'sia and in australia...

There is 3 courts in Victoria... (don mention High Court larrr... )
1. Magistrates' Court
2. County Court
3. Supreme Court (sorri lazy to visit so... ^^)
(in front of Magistrates' Court)
ermm it is a rather small court (i mean the case)... no juries... But now i only notice that not only lawyers can debate in court... i saw POLICE debating in court (i mean not what we see in tvb's series-police only become witness or very useless role).. they just like a real lawyer...
SOoooo Cooooool ^^
This place is SOooooooo BIG... i nearly lost my way inside **

This is the second court i visited, THE COUNTY COURT
very very nice court... a bit look like airport because it is very very strict... we need to go through the electrical door (i dono the exact word... u all know lal we usually saw it at airport before departure...) a lot of stuff can't bring into court such as SCISSORS, KNIFE, GUNS....
remember don't take lor ^^
In the court is really very very serious... there is 12 JURIES and a judge (wearing fake hair ***)
ermm everyone say that lawyers are SOoo Sooo soooooooo handsome... but i can tell u that THEY LIED TO U...
hahaha ^^
hey remember to visit these courts... it is really very worthy

ermm need to special thx to my dearest LAW teacher JOHN MARSHALL( a guy behind us) U see always asian loose to ANG MO because we always small small size... He is the one took us to the courts. (oh ya i forget to say that i went court is to do some research for my stupid court assignment)
these is my classmates... leng lui le ^^

Hope we DB5A can score good in this assignment...
Gambateh everyoneeee

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yongxiang said...

do well in your assignment ya!
buddha blessed...