Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My first YAM CHA session in MeLBOURne

hey still remember last year in taylor, P1 have a yam cha session... i still remember AZRI always say "let have Yam Cha session"... but that yam cha session is macam eating pizza... cakes... salad... n (ermm not like yam cha lal... more buffet style lal)...

last week i went a REAL yam cha session with my new classmates:-

Ting, Dong Dong, Bruce, TuTu, Bo Yang, Jess and PAvi

wuhahahha this is only part of the food... ermm actually this is only the starting... then later, i really very very not free to take picture ^^ ... (ermm donno y a human only has two hands n a mouth?? if i have extra a hand then i can take more pictures for u all lal...)
HaHaHa ^^
this is my new Sri Lanka Frennn...
she first time Yam Cha... n First Time hold chopstick...
so GEnGgggg
not bad hor ^^
Although only part of my classmates went... but really very warming... we jokes around ( although we not came from the same country but i this inspire me that
different culture n different religion,
doesnt mean we in
different world...)
i really very very lucky to know them n very appreciate them as my FRIENDS

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yongxiang said...

knowing more people from other culture and make friends with them will certainly turn u into a better person!