Thursday, September 25, 2008

Y i so bad luck these dayzzzzzzzzzzzzz???

haihzzzzzzzzzz Y i so bad luck these dayzzzzzzzzzzzzz???
i really miz my good dayzz...
i tink i forget to pack my luck here
i always need to face everything myself...
i always didnt bring my eyes along
i got sickness
i got more more new and incredible experiences (not a good thing duh)
i nearly kick my my idiot RMIT UNI
i nearly slip over and caused dead
i nearly screwed my studies
i nearly lost my beloved and cute pendrive
i nearly fall in love with my imaginations
i...... i.....
a lot n a lot

i don dare to tell others
i very don dare to tell my mom that
" i really don like Australia, i really hope i m always in Malaysia v u..."
but i know i cant
i need to grow up
i need to b a independent gal
independent Fren
independent student

i now very very very miss BUDDHA
i think he hate me and dowan me already...
or mayb he angry of me

BUddha i know i m always bad gal n do lot of bad things
i know u don like i didnt go ur temple
i will try lal
plss love me back


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